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Losing weight and building a toned, muscular body is something that is on many people’s minds.  There are many packages available online that all claim to be able to burn fat magically and keep us trim and fit.  However, most of these are based on someone’s personal ideas, rather than being backed by scientific research.  This is where New You in 22 comes in, however.  It is a complete new program that is based on real evidence.  It will teach you the various pathways towards achieving the body of your dreams, working on energy and metabolic activity.  Dr. Bowden, the creator of this program, has seen his work featured in various important media outlets, including CNN, USA Today, ABC News and more.

What Is New You in 22?

New You in 22 is a program that teaches you the pathways to burning fat.  There are five pathways, which are nutrition, sleep, stress, detoxification and exercise. The plan is accessible to anybody, because it comes in both a basic and an advanced version.  In 22 days, you will learn to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate like never before.  This does mean your body will go through significant changes, which in turn means you will not feel 100% when you first start out.  However, this should only last for a few days, and the results are absolutely worth it.

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Who Is Dr. Bowden?

Jonny BowdenDr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. is a true weight loss and nutrition expert.  He has built a global reputation thanks to his work.  He is a highly educated man, with a PhD in nutrition and a master’s in counseling and psychology.  Additionally, he has been certified by the ACN (American College of Nutrition), and he has also been certified in six different areas of personal training.  To date, he has written 12 books on weight loss, nutrition and fitness.  New You in 22 is his latest publication, but he is currently best known for his books on Living Low Carb and the 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.  He is also a public speaker and his in high demand for his inspiring speeches on health, weight and nutrition.  Millions of people have followed him and he is regularly publicized in important papers such as Forbes Online and Marie Clare.  Additionally, he owns Rockwell Nutrition.  Clearly, he is a man that can be trusted in his advice, not in the least because he has a solid reputation to maintain.

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The Five Pathways

At the heart of New You in 22 lie the five pathways.  Depending on whether you follow the basic or the advanced package, you will have to focus on a number of different things.  Most people will do the basic package first and will move on to the advanced package later on.

The first element is nutrition.  You will learn to eat a carb controlled diet, having three meals a day.  During the program, you will also have four nights that are “carb feasts”, which means you never have to truly go without.  It is a known facts that dieting fails because we make certain foods forbidden, meaning we want them even more.

The second element is sleep.  Sleep lies at the heart of our internal well-being and also plays a very important role in increasing our metabolic rate and losing weight.   The program will teach you not just how to sleep more, but also how to make sure you sleep better.

Third, is the stress management element.  Stress is terrible for our bodies and we must learn how to positively deal with it.  Hence, you will be provided with a number of breathing exercise, as well as hints and tips on certain forms of exercises to increase your resistance to stress, such as Pilates and yoga.  It is also about accepting who you are, and being yourself.

Fourth is the detoxification element.  For those following the basic plan, this simply means having nice, hot and comfortable baths, detoxifying your skin.  For those going for the more advanced methods, it is also about detoxifying the inside, through food and drinks, as well as by keeping the house clean.

The fith is the exercise part of the program.  Dr. Bowden does not recommend taking part in strenuous exercise straight away.  Although he is a supporter of HIT (High Intensity Interval) training, this is something that has a time and place later.  Instead, it is all about walking and experiencing the benefits of this.

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Positive Reviews

  • Dr. Bowden is a highly trained and highly respected professional.  He has achieved great success with his previous programs, which means this one is likely to be just as successful.
  • The program comes with a full explanation about everything you should do, whether you choose the basic or the advanced program.
  • You can choose either a digital version or a physical + digital copy of the program.
  • It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, which means you could potentially test both the basic and advanced program and still return it if you are not happy with the results.

Negative Reviews

The only thing that I wasn’t too keen on is that you will feel quite bad for the first few days.  You have to battle through this, which can be difficult if your motivation is low.  However, it is absolutely worth it.

Where to Buy

60 Day GuaranteeThe New You in 22 program can be purchased straight from Dr. Bowden’s website. He currently has two packages, one being the fully digital one at $37, which means you get the program as soon as you have made the payment. For those who prefer to have physical copies, the program costs $37 as well, which means you get free postage and packaging. Although you will have to wait for your package to arrive by mail, you also get the immediate download version of the digital version … obviously this is the way to go. 😉

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The Final Verdict on New You in 22

Dr. Bowden has a fantastic reputation and for good reason.  New You in 22 is the latest in a long line of hugely successful programs devised by Dr. Bowden.  I fully recommend this particular program to anybody who truly wants to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner. To learn more about it or to purchase it, I recommend that you visit Dr. Bowden’s actual site here.